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The Power of Webinars and How to Promote Them on Social Media

The Power of Webinars and How to Promote Them on Social Media

Although none of the technologies I’m going to talk about in this post are brand new, we’re at an interesting point with the Internet where several promising forms of technology are really hitting their stride. Those technologies are webinars and social media.

Why Webinars?

Before we cover the best ways to promote your webinar on social media, I want to explain why webinars are such a powerful tool for businesses. Over the last eighteen months or so, video consumption on platforms like YouTube and Facebook has absolutely exploded. This is due to a variety of factors, including people watching more video on mobile devices and broadband speeds getting faster.

Since it’s clear that video is going to be a driving force of the Internet’s future, these platforms are putting a lot of resources into trying to be a leader in this space. Much of that has taken the form of investing in live video. Not only are YouTube and Facebook working hard on live video, but companies like Amazon are working to carve out a spot in this area (in their case, it was by purchasing the live video game streaming website Twitch).

That brings us to webinars. What’s great about webinars is they offer the best of live and hosted video. You can run a webinar live, and then once it’s done, get even more mileage out of it by providing certain people with recorded access. Because webinars provide a level of engagement that’s simply not possible through text or any other medium, we want to share a few tips for how to get in front of as many targeted viewers as possible.

The Social Media Webinar Tips You Need

When it comes to promoting your webinar on social media the most important thing you can do is get people’s attention. Depending on the specific platform you’re using to promote your webinar, that can mean using an eye-catching image or a teaser video that quickly tells people why they don’t want to miss your webinar.

Another thing to keep in mind is you should promote your webinar more than once. Given all the activity that takes place on social media, it’s easy for people who would be interested in your webinar to miss a single post talking about it. Promoting at least a handful of times in the 10 to 14 days leading up to your webinar will help maximize awareness.

Finally, make sure all your social promotion efforts are tied to your email marketing. By driving leads to your email list, you’ll be able to maximize your webinar viewership by sending reminders and follow-ups.

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